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An indie zine for emerging creatives.

MISTER is a space for artists, writers, photographers, film-makers, poets, essayists, journalists, musicians, chefs, hags and seers to submit, compile and consume creative work of all kinds. This includes traditional zine mediums (such as art, photography, writing and film), as well as more atypical art forms (interviews, diaries, found objects + photos, reviews, recipes, collage, dream interpretations, etc.)


There is space for you in this magazine, regardless of who you are, what you make, or how confident you are in either of those things. 

MISTER's first print issue was released in 2022. Its sophomore issue is accepting submissions until June 15. If you'd like to support us and our artists, consider donating to our Ko-Fi! You can find us on Instagram @misterzine.

Cover design by Natalie Patane.

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